Amidst our nation’s most critical election and campaign in history comes “Asses and Elephants,” presented in partnership with Rock the Vote.

The play centers on Jake, a recent NYU journalism graduate and avid Democrat, who is infatuated with a beautiful, intellectual woman of his dreams, Ruby, who happens to be ... Republican. A political “Romeo and Juliet” of sorts, the two mingle at a party at Jake’s house on election night, watch the returns and root for their candidates, hoping for romance to flourish.

Playwright Suzanne Bressler considers this a show with a mission. The cast, all 20-somethings, will hopefully inspire young voters to “get out there” on Election Day.

Voter materials are available outside the theater, and all audience members are invited to a special election night party on Nov. 4 (program is admission ticket).

The Santa Monica Playhouse is located at 1211 4th St., Santa Monica. For more information, visit