Whether you’re a powerhouse agent or a lowly Hollywood assistant, one needs time to relax and drink. It calms the nerves, de-stresses one’s mental health and is just a terribly fun activity in general. As such, it is with much pleasure that I announce the X bar, nestled in the heart of Century City and right across the street from that little place called CAA.

Combining airy interiors and swanky outdoor patios, the X bar straddles that “just right” combination of nature and hipster. While it’s not technically one of those bar/restaurant hybrids, the X bar packs some seriously phenomenal items within its walls.

My taste palate was blasted into awe at the obscene goodness of the Tuna Sashimi Avocado Stack, which rested atop a perfectly crispy wonton. For those craving something a bit more dude-worthy, be sure to scope out the One Pound Fiery Chicken Morsels, which is basically a fancy way of saying boneless buffalo wings, and damn were they good.

Drinks are equally as eclectic. Those looking to purchase alcoholic-grade, two mixer cocktails can look elsewhere as the X bar prides itself on outrageous, highly sophisticated and daring drinks. I sampled the Blueberry Mojito, and while it won’t stroke your masculine ego, it was pretty tasty and most assuredly like nothing I’ve had before.

While the mojito was nice and all, the X bar packed another surprise up its sleeve, notably the single best margarita I have had in Los Angeles. This Lavender Rosemary Margarita is unique in its bitterness, with rosemary balancing out with the natural sweetness of a margarita by creating one tantalizing concoction that will make you say, “Wow.”

The X bar may seem posh, hip and expensive. It is indeed all of these things. However, with a discounted happy hour and plenty of HDTVs, including a massive projector blasting “Monday Night Football” and other events outside, the X bar keeps it real. Take a date, enjoy the food and experience some truly unique drinks in a fresh, fun and high-class atmosphere that’s equal parts Paris Hilton and Joe Six Pack.

For more information, call (310) 551-3332 or visit xbarla.com.