Bands are coming together to put on an event, and they don’t want fans to pay a thing. In fact, the bands have worked together to bring in some of the biggest companies to sponsor the event with giveaways and gift bags, and on top of that, Joanna Angel is hosting the night.

“The music is going to be tough, and the party will be insane,” comments Russ Rodriguez, drummer for headliners Old Fashioned Beatdown. “A free show with awesome giveaways, including the chance to win a guitar for the best costume … How can you beat that?”

He seems to be right so far. Hot Topic has put together gift bags for the show, and in turn they are promoting the concert at all their L.A. stores and will host a CD signing by Old Fashioned Beatdown at their Glendale location the night before the event.

This event is so big that two of Arizona’s hardest bands are coming out to play: Back From Ashes and Shrapnel.

“We are honored to be a part of this event. No one has done anything like this before,” adds Johnny from Back From Ashes.

Two more bands will also be on the bill from the L.A. area, the Inner Bright and Jeruselem Cherry, but it seems most are excited by the fact that Angel, founder of, is hosting the show.

“We are hoping to cause a scene most have never seen on Sunset Strip in a very long time,” comments the Alpha, an employee for Scrapjack, the company putting the event together.

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