Rusty Pistachio, jewelry designer and member of hardcore/punk band H2O, is to rock stars what Jacob the Jeweler is to hip-hop artists. Pistachio’s Pnut (pronounced “peanut”) Jewelry line, though, is less about bling and more a subtle extension of the wearer’s creativity.

Jewelry making fell into Pistachio’s lap when he couldn’t get into a painting class at St. Mary’s College, in Maryland, to fulfill a crafts requirement.

“After taking a couple of classes I realized that it was an easy way to keep my grade point average up because I was getting straight A’s,” Pistachio says with a light laugh. His interest in jewelry making and art brought him to SUNY New Paltz where he completed his master’s in metals.

Though the muscular, tattooed Pistachio has been making his jewelry since 1995, Pistachio didn’t turn it into a business until just over a year ago. His first creation was a heart with “mom” etched inside a banner. From there, everyone from socialites in New York’s Upper East Side to longtime friends and musicians wanted to wear Pistachio’s designs.

“It was awesome,” he recalls. “When I first started [making jewelry] I didn’t expect much. I just made it for me and took it on the road.”

Pistachio gets his ideas from magazines and tattoos. All of Pistachio’s jewelry is 100 percent sterling silver. He line has a variety of styles and lengths of chains, bracelets, necklaces and pendants with stars, hearts and crossbones and word rings that say things like “mine, “true” and “hope.” Price ranges from $100 for stock items to thousands of dollars for custom work. Particularly attractive pieces are heart pendants with words like “angel” or “evil” inscribed to convey the wearer’s personality without saying a word. His most popular item – listen up guys – is the lock heart bracelet and necklace (a sure winner for the lady in your life). All necklaces have a simple latch closure, making it easy to loop one end to the other without much fuss.

Pistachio gives special attention of the creation and care of his line. On a recent jaunt to the funky side of Melrose, the New Yorker was surprised at the low quality of much of the metal jewelry.

“The quality is shit. A lot of times when you cast something or clean it up there’s a certain amount of expertise into cleaning something before it’s presented.” Pistachio’s clientele know that they will only receive the best of his merchandise.

Pistachio’s designs are especially in demand for the rock ’n’ roll crowd. He designed a drum kit charm for drummer Branden Steineckert of The Used and made Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden a custom rosary necklace. He also had the pleasure of seeing his star-and-ball chain worn by Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose during an MTV performance.

Pistachio is in touch with his clients’ needs. His style is clean, simple and classic and you don’t have to take out a loan to afford his stuff.

“I try to step it up and make the quality more than your average rock ’n’ roll jewelry.”

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