USC Gastrointestinal Virus Stresses the Importance of Hygiene

The number of cases of Norovirus that affected hundreds of students at USC in the past weeks has dropped significantly, but campus officials are still stressing the importance of being aware of not spreading the virus throughout the USC community.

Everyone is urged to continue washing hands and sanitizing, the most effective ways to prevent the spreading of the virus, as well as not sharing food or drink. The virus had been spreading vastly due to the fact that most students who had the virus were unaware of the 72-hour period of risk that allowed other students to be infected.

The illness, which lasts one to two days, has symptoms that include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and some stomach cramping. Outbreaks have also occurred in the last few weeks at other college campuses in the country, such as University of Oregon and Georgetown.

UCLA Student and Family Murdered by Father

The UCLA community fondly remembers one of their students that was allegedly murdered by his father in early October, in what was determined to be a murder-suicide. Krishna Rajaram, a second-year business economics student, was found dead in his family’s home in Porter Ranch.

Rajaram’s father, Karthik Rajaram, also shot and killed his wife, his mother-in-law and his two other sons. He then shot and killed himself.

Rajaram’s father left three letters, one of them addressing his financial troubles that were the apparent reason for the shootings. He had reportedly been unemployed for several months.

Rajaram was a member of a co-ed fraternity on campus and went home often on the weekends to spend time with his two younger brothers. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block wrote a note to the UCLA community on Oct. 6, notifying the campus of the tragic incident. Grief counseling was made available on campus for students.

Juicy Campus Polls Students, Majority Voting for Obama, a Web site that claims to be the “home of the juiciest college gossip,” recently set up a poll about the November election for the students at the 500 campuses that it caters to. Thirty-thousand votes were cast, and the polls showed that 55 percent of the students are voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, 39 percent are voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin and five percent are undecided.

In another poll, 57 percent of students said they would rather party with Palin instead of Obama, Biden and McCain. Juicy Campus plans to have more surveys about the election in the coming weeks.