Living in Southern California where the sun always shines, one would think a tanning salon would have trouble staying in business. However, life in the big city means many people can’t find the time to take off from work and make it to the beach. That’s where U-Tan LA comes in.

Located in University Village, mere blocks from the vibrant USC campus, U-Tan LA has been in business for over 14 years. It’s one of the finest tanning salons in the city offering just about anything you could ever want or need to stay bronzed and beautiful all year round.

Managed by USC senior, Libby Dahl, U-Tan LA caters greatly to both the female and male populations at USC. Offering numerous elite tanning beds as well as the world-renowned mystic spray tan, U-Tan LA allows you to keep your color at an affordable price.

Its location in University Village and its proximity to campus makes it the ideal place for USC students to stop in after class for routine tans or before a big event. When you walk into U-Tan, a member of the welcoming staff will greet you as you decide which bed and what level tan you would like. Depending on your preferences, the time and strength of your tan can be decided, and the staff is happy to advise you about what is best for your skin type.

U-Tan is fast and conveniently situated in a tight-knit community of neighboring stores, so the atmosphere is very friendly. The tanning place is very sanitary; the beds are cleaned routinely after each user.

With abundant individual rooms, customers at U-Tan almost never have to wait for beds to open up. Protective eyewear, as well as luxurious robes, are available in each room. Locked doors provide maximum privacy for each customer, and air-conditioned beds keep the breeze at the beach alive during the indoor tanning experience.

U-Tan offers the latest technology and the safest 99.7 percent UVB free beds that help prevent burning. These are not typical tanning beds; U-Tan features state-of-the-art European style beds whose shape and contour provide an all-around intense tanning environment. The beds also have high-pressure bulbs that provide high-concentrated color.

Before tanning, you can purchase a top of the line tanning lotion in order to retain moisture and optimize your long-lasting tan. Tanning professionals recommend that you only tan once every 24 hours to ensure safety. While tanning, you can choose from a variety of popular music genres including Top 40s, rap, rock and county for your listening pleasure.

For those of us who want to protect our skin and are afraid of the damage tanning can cause, the mystic spray tan is an excellent option. A quick and easy 30-second process, spray tans are revolutionizing the world of tanning.

Make sure to use the barrier crème on your hands and feet before you step in, and you’ll walk out of U-Tan with a fresh off the beach, bronzing tan. Numerous specials are constantly offered that make U-Tan financially accessible to the average college student.

With the student discount card, students get 20 percent off all services and products, and all new customers get a complimentary first tan for free. New customers also get a mystic tan for a mere $15 and only $29.95 for unlimited tans for an entire month. They offer many package deals that accommodate and cater to each individual’s preferences.

For more information, call (213)-747-8182 or visit