Have you ever been shacked before? To some, the word renders images of shameful morning walks home. However, if you are like Chris Murphy and his friends you know that shacked is the most awesome surf experience. Surfing is what inspires Murphy.

That’s why he dedicated his clothing line, Shacked Clothing Company, to the lifestyle he loves. Shacked Clothing was literally started out of a bedroom closet.

Everything Murphy makes is custom made. He draws all of the designs, transfers them onto screens and hand paints them onto shirts.

The idea is to offer a sense of freedom to the customer. They can choose whichever design they want and put it anywhere on any shirt that they choose.

The colors of the designs range from rainbow to neon orange. The options are endless. While Murphy loves the intimacy of the company, he one day hopes to see his designs in retail stores.

Murphy is all about “getting shacked.” When he’s not out surfing at his favorite beach, he’s sketching an idea for a new design.

Though he loves the company, it’s hard, he will admit, being the advertiser, designer and seller all at once. Not only is he managing orders for T-shirts, but he’s also managing his workload as a junior business major at USC.

The style of the company plays on the surfing language and feel. Any surfer would recognize the images Murphy draws as common surf phrases. Even if you have never actually been on a surfboard, it’s easy to relate to the sunbathed feel of the clothes.

All of the designs and shirt styles are available to view, then mix-and-match as much as you please. But don’t worry, although the style of the clothes is laid back, Murphy’s business skills are more straight edge.

For more information, visit shackedclothing.com.