This band may be named after an arachnid, but it seems that maybe its members belong in an entirely different part of the animal kingdom. These guys are more like sharks, power-popping their way through the rock ’n’ roll jungle with a satchel full of savvy that’s easy to hear.

Ric Ocasek of the Cars heard it; he produced the last Pink Spiders effort. Super-producer Brendan O’Brien takes over this time out, putting a shine on stand-outs like the Queen-meets-Meatloaf “Falling with Every Step” and lots of Electric Light Orchestra-influenced music.

The E.L.O. sound actually goes deeper than an influence; the band seems to have really patterned themselves after the classic rock hit-makers, right down to their respect for the Beatles with cuts like “Mrs. Ruston.”

Grade: B

Sweat it Out is currently available.