In a world so overrun by text messages, instant messages, PDAs, MySpace, and Bluetooth devices, it was only a matter of time before we began to realize that there is hardly a personal element left in much of our communication. Lecturer and motivational speaker Susan Roane has compiled a book of guidelines and helpful hints for making face-to-face interactions easier and lessons to make these rules of conversation work for you in your professional and personal life.

Though the book seems pretty commonplace, it’s easy to believe that there are some people out there that need these instructions. However, I believe that the book would be more useful if it were aimed at a younger audience that is currently and will continue to struggle with technology ruling its communication.

After the first few chapters, the book begins to become redundant and it loses most of its initial appeal. Roane is verbose and full of herself to an annoying degree. Unless you absolutely do not know how to hold face-to-face conversations with others, I wouldn’t recommend this book.

Grade: D

Face to Face is currently available.