In 1979, Frank Zappa released a prophetic piece about the freedom of speech in Joe’s Garage.

Jam artist Joe (an amiable Jason Page) is vexed with a plethora of problems stemming from his love of loud music. He falls in love, twice; once with a Catholic girl named Mary (Becky Wahlstrom), and again with a robotic pig. Confused? Just ask the Central Scrutinizer (Michael Dunn), the mean machine narrates the rock opera.

Pat Towne and Michael Franco’s adaptation relies heavily on the Scrutinizer’s exposition, but Dunn does well. The leaden choreography and gross out scatological jokes don’t help the production; almost making a case against the very things it’s trying to save — sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. But if you’re a Zappa fan, it’s a must see production.

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