What night is the party? It’s every night at Boardwalk 11, Palms/Cheviot Hills. They need no excuse for a jamboree. At this red-hot club, karaoke rules. Zagat reviewed and rated by L.A. Magazine as one of the 25 best bars/clubs, Boardwalk 11 is all the rage. Whether you just like to watch, or you aspire to sing your heart out to the amenable spectators, this place is unsurpassed for karaoke. Hey, we know how it is. Performers need an outlet and fans to switch on and shine.

Boardwalk 11, where stars are made or tomatoes are tossed. Expect to see some highly talented singers, along with a few that’ll make you moan and groan a little, but all are part of Boardwalk 11’s appealing character.

What’s your pleasure? Will you sing a torch song wearing your heart on your sleeve? Maybe you long to rock and roll. Songs from musicals are always well liked. A little punk perhaps? Or are blues beckoning in the night? Maybe you’ll rap while you tap. Whatever you decide, this classy club has the friendliest vibes. People here talk to one another, so you’ll never feel like a stranger.

Rave reviews go to owners Steven and Hiromi Spear, proprietors for about three years, for keeping this place hopping and jumping. Helping to set the buoyant frame-of-mind is KJ Arnold Rivera, here on five nights, belting out songs with the best of them. Boardwalk 11 has an incredible array of about 10,000 songs on CD, with a large screen TV, eight smaller ones, a pool table and video games.

Plan on a great evening, starting with their large array of delicious food, kind of a combo California, Japanese fun menu including appetizers and entrees. Karaoke is from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., seven days a week. Full bar, martini specialties. On Fridays from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., Damien Joyce sings ballads, Irish folk and his original songs while he plays guitar.

For more information, visit www.boardwalk11.com.