The band is named after singer Ani Cordero, who wrote all the songs on De Donde Eres after a series of “family and friend crises.” All of the songs are sung in Spanish, but it’s easy to hear the emotion in this music regardless of what language you speak.

“Guardasecretos” is a slow, introspective number that finds Cordero’s plaintive vocals accompanied only by acoustic guitar and trumpet; it is the mournful bale of the brass that communicates the sadness of the song. Not everything is so weighty though; “Quique” is a dance number, “La Musica es la Medicina” is a pop-chart sing-along extolling the healing powers of music and the lively “La Yegua” conjures images of the singer as cantina girl, shimmying from table to table and charming everyone along the way.

Grade: B

De Donde Eres is currently available.