of Montreal gets the weird concept album of the year award with Skeletal Lamping. The sextet has always crafted complex, outlandish music, but singer Kevin Barnes’ dense lyrics and bizarre narratives on Skeletal Lamping raises the bar on the group’s multiple-genre music.

This time Barnes does a Bowie-esque turn, using his alter ego of black transsexual Georgie Fruit to spree through Queen-like prog-rock and Princely funk, with layers of indie rock, catchy pop and psychedelic vibes. Decadent sexuality runs rampant during soulful romps such as “For Our Elegant Caste.”

Following Barnes’ nonpareil imagination is like deconstructing Jean-Luc Godard or T.S. Eliot. Just try to connect the dots between gang bangs, Jean Genet, astrology, mountain goats and caller ID.

Grade: B p Skeletal Lamping is currently available.