After a brutal lashing from “cool monitors” Pitchfork, it was all but certain that Jacksonville’s the Black Kids were going to be heaped onto the overrated, one-hit wonder shelf. Thankfully on their visit to the Mayan, the band rose above negativity and made a lot of new fans.

An all-ages event, it was evident that the band appeals to a broad spectrum, something that’s pretty hard to do these days. The night was full of Reggie Youngblood inciting the crowd to jump around, clap and dance. By the time they played their hit “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You,” the crowd was well into enjoying the evening.

Those who are undecided about Partie Traumatic should check out a live show. Your opinion may or not change, but at least you can grasp the goal the Black Kids are working towards: a plain old-fashioned dance party for all.