As we get closer to the end of college football season, everyone is wondering which two teams will face off in the title game. This week, the top five teams in the BCS all avoided close call upsets and stayed strong.

Number one ranked Texas sneaked by ranked Oklahoma State by a mere four points in their 28-24 victory. Alabama, the only undefeated team left in the SEC, beat out Tennessee 29-9 and secured their spot at No. 2.

The Nittany Lions won a crucial game against Ohio State, 13-6, their last potential bump in their schedule. However, with three games left and no Big Ten championship game, Penn State still may not see Miami if Alabama and Texas win out as well.

Number four-ranked Oklahoma won as well, but they have to hope for No. 7 Texas Tech to upset Texas next week, which still won’t guarantee their title hopes. The two teams that played in the title game last year, Ohio State and LSU, both were handed their second losses this weekend, which most likely eliminated their chances at the national title.

USC held on against Arizona thanks to their No. 1 ranked defense that limited Arizona to only 54 yards in the second half of their 17-10 win. On the other side of town, the inconsistent California Bears crushed UCLA in Berkeley 41-20. UCLA will see USC Dec. 6.

As new bowl projections come out every week, one thing has stayed the same. USC could possibly see the out-of-conference opponent they already destroyed this year, Ohio State, in the Rose Bowl if UT, the Crimson Tide and PSU win out. [Ed. note: Either Texas or Alabama would have to miss out on the National Championship Game.]

Upcoming Game to Watch: No. 1 Texas vs. No. 7 Texas Tech (Nov. 1).