Butch (James Denton of “Desperate Housewives”) and Darla (Erin O’Brien) make up an average, somewhat unsophisticated couple that stumbles through life carrying the weight of an incident that happened to their daughter, Cissy (Liz Vital). When she was in infant, Cissy was kidnapped, molested and returned. Nothing was ever the same.

We see glimpses of Cissy’s interactions with her parents and different guys (all convincingly portrayed by Stewart W. Calhoun) presented in a non-chronological format that’s intriguing. This is an emotionally-charged play, but never heavy or uncomfortable despite the subject matter.

Vital delivers a powerful performance that any young actress should be proud of, but O’Brien shines the brightest. She’s completely believable in her role and delivers a heartfelt, very funny, characterization.

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