Cue dramatic entrance: smoke machine, giant blown up plastic bags, beach balls and an entourage in costume with leaf blowers made to blow toilet paper into the crowd. The audience, full of teens and adults dressed to shed pounds in sweat due to the next hour and half of dancing, began chanting the name Girl Talk, hoping that Gregg Gillis would finally make his debut. A giant dance party was about to take place at the Fonda for the second night in a row.

Girl Talk, known for his mash-up style and mixing different genres and eras, came out on stage with his laptop that already held his pre-mixed set. There was not a specific setlist, but I’m glad to say that hardly any of the music heard was just straight off his new CD, Feed the Animals.

He only played a few parts of some songs as they were on the CD, like the section of Radiohead vs. Jay-Z from “Set It Off” and Journey vs. Huey from “Play Your Part (Pt. 2),” both of which are perfect examples of Girl Talk's style. Despite these few, the rest of his set consisted of new mixes and mash-ups.

By the end of his set, he had stripped down to his boxers and his stage area was covered with dancing bodies. At the end of the last song, he left the stage, and there was no encore since everything had been pre-mixed. Although some improv ending would have been ideal, Girl Talk came with a mixture of music that can satisfy everyone: rock, pop, hip-hop, oldies – you name it, and he probably will mix it.