Zach Plague’s newest novel is anything but “boring boring.” Written and designed by Plague, this artwork presents the reader with an eye-catching story about the artist’s world and the traps set for the unwary and the dull.

A heady combination of drugs, sex, betrayal and of course art, boring boring follows Ollister, an up ’n’ coming artist and his rebellion against the local art mogul, the Platypus.

The story centers on Ollister’s gray book, which is presumed to contain all of his art ideas. The Platypus tries to get the book using Ollister’s ex-love, Adelaide, while Ollister plans to make him pay for doing so. As the plot unravels, Ollister learns the true meaning of love and friendship.

This typo/graphic fusion entertains the readers while tickling their imagination, so much so that it makes one wonder who the real genius behind the story is. (Zach Plague is not the author’s real name).

Grade: A+

boring boring boring boring boring boring boring is currently available.