OK kids, it’s time for a history lesson. Way back in 1990, French filmmaker Luc Besson made a movie called Nikita. It was about a beautiful young woman forced to become a spy and assassin for a mysterious, sinister organization. It was wonderful. So of course, Hollywood had to bastardize it. Three years later we got Point of No Return, a mediocre remake starring Bridget Fonda. Then in 1997 the story was used again, for a series on the USA Network called "La Femme Nikita." The show proved quite successful, built a strong cult following and ran for five seasons. Got all that?

In the television version, Australian actress Peta Wilson played la femme in question. Nikita is an unwilling operative for the clandestine anti-terrorist organization known as Section One. The main thrust of the show revolves around Nikita trying to figure out if she’s actually working for the good guys or the bad guys, trying to regain her freedom and, of course, trying to flirt with fellow operative Michael Samuelle (Roy Dupuis). The show was equal parts soap opera, spy thriller, action adventure and cheesecake. It tended to be overly melodramatic, and often sacrificed logic in favor of style. But it was entertaining, and the fans ate it up. If nothing else, it paved the way for later, similar, better shows such as "Alias."

The new six-disc set from Warner Bros. includes all 22 episodes from the second season, plus audio commentaries on a few key episodes. Also included are a gag reel and some deleted scenes (though the menus refer to them as "cancelled" scenes, a nod to Section One’s euphemism for execution). The set’s a worthwhile buy for anyone who’s already a devoted fan of the show, but nothing special otherwise.

Grade: B-

La Femme Nikita: The Complete Second Season is currently available.