To really appreciate what Fujiya & Miyagi do, it helps to first understand what they are not. They are not a two-piece, and they are not Japanese. What Fujiya & Miyagi manage to do is create an interesting sound that combines a sense of humor with a serious aim to create a unique perspective to alternative dance music.

At the base of their songs are fun beats. Much of their music, although fused with electronic ambient textures, feels organic and increasingly dreamy and danceable with their newest release, Lightbulbs.

Hailing from Brighton, they bring a distinctly European feel. Their brand of indie rock is intertwined with synthetic beats that get the heart jumping and feet moving.

They also bring along their particular brand of British sarcasm. As the crowd got down, Fujiya & Miyagi teased them singing, “And we were just pretending to be Japanese,” from “Photocopier” off 2006’s Transparent Things.