As Jenny Lewis stood center stage, alone under the spotlight, strumming her guitar to the refrain of the title track from her 2006 solo debut, ,Rabbit Fur Coat, fans could hardly contain their excitement. Shouts of “I love you, Jenny!” and “Female Bob Dylan!” burst from every crevice of the Orpheum.

The enthusiasm continued to build with a balance of tracks from Rabbit and her latest, Acid Tongue. The gospel revival-like “Jack Killed Mom” and “The Next Messiah” whipped the crowd into a frenzy, while Lewis’ vocals soothed with “Happy,” “Rise Up with Fists!!” and “Sing a Song for Them.”

Lewis gave a nod to naughty girls (“Carpetbaggers”) and boys (“Bad Man’s World”), and her entire band, including outstanding drummer Barbara Gruska, gathered around her at the front of the stage for a group sing-along of “Acid Tongue.” After a sweet duet with Johnathan Rice (a cover of “Love Hurts”), the first song of the encore was “Under the Blacklight” from Lewis’ other band, Rilo Kiley. As she closed out the encore with “See Fernando” around 12:30 a.m., the satiated Angelenos had successfully welcomed their favorite Valley girl home.