Let’s face it. While we may be able to live without our cell phones, nobody wants to think about actually doing it. So what do you do when your phone suddenly goes dead and you need to call someone to tell them?

The Lenmar PowerPort Mini Charger & Battery is one of the latest and sleekest new entries into the cell phone recharging biz. The device is a small, thin box that comes with a retractable mini-USB cord and adaptors to fit most popular cell phones. The unit prides itself on being able to perform two full charges when fully charged and claims to have a life of 500 recharges.

While the device is a lifesaver, it does have a few flaws. The unit does not come with an AC adaptor, so you either have to use your own adaptor or plug it into a computer that has a USB port while it fully recharges. The PowerPort is also not particularly inexpensive, but then again it is no more expensive than any other mini-charger.

Ultimately, considering that this charger can go anywhere and doesn’t waste any batteries, it is a good tool to keep in your pocket or glove box for emergencies, despite its flaws.

Grade: B+

Lenmar PowerPort Mini Charger & Battery is currently available.