Dressed in a wool Native American-inspired cardigan sweater, Tig Notaro took the stage looking like she was about to tell stories gathered among friends by a crackling bonfire on a chilly November night.

Besides the bonfire, all of the above did happen, with Notaro telling funny stories and everyday observations that she felt warmed up the crowd, beginning with an audience member’s assistance in the removal of a mic stand that Notaro deemed unnecessary. The mic stand became an ongoing joke, putting sprinkles on all of Notaro’s other anecdotes of humor until the end of the show.

The cherry on top came when a drunken fan kept blurting out nonsense. Notaro calmly treated her just like a drunk friend at her campfire by burning her with hilarious comebacks to the girl’s ramblings.

Unfortunately, the intoxicated girl may not remember that night well. Fortunately for the rest of us, we will.