This week in college football, another top team fell, which now leaves only two conference teams left undefeated. Iowa scored a field goal in the final minutes against Penn State, which destroyed any hope for the former No. 3 team’s chances of going to the BCS title game.

The Crimson Tide had a close call Saturday night as well with an overtime win against fellow SEC team, LSU. The 27-21 win secured their spot at No. 1 in all the polls. No. 2 Texas Tech, undefeated at 10-0, had a commanding 56-20 win over Nov. 13 Oklahoma State, placing them for the second week at No. 2 in the country.

Despite Texas’ loss last week, they have taken the Nittany Lions’ No. 3 spot and are amongst the one-loss teams competing for a chance at a ticket to Miami in January. No. 4 Florida obliterated Vandy (42-14) and will most likely see Alabama in the SEC championship game.

Oklahoma’s offense looked very impressive as well with a 66-28 win over Texas A&M. However, we’ll see how strong Oklahoma really is this week when they take on fellow Big-12 strong power Texas Tech.

Very consistent and hot right now is No. 6 USC’s unstoppable defense that’s already had three shutouts this season and held Cal to only three points in their 17-3 win. The Trojans are 25-0 in November games since Carroll became coach, and this season they can thank their No. 1 ranked defense for not allowing a touchdown in more than 10 quarters. Speaking of the Pac-10, Oregon State could see their first trip to the Rose Bowl in 44 years if they win out the rest of their conference games and USC’s title hopes come true. Oregon State beat up on UCLA at the Rose Bowl with a 34-6 win.

With the weeks narrowing down, the battle is going to get even more intense, and every last point scored will count when the computers decide who will face off to decide which team truly deserves the title of No. 1