USC Football Team Spooked On Halloween By Carroll-Ferrell Gag

USC football coach Pete Carroll and “Captain Compete,” USC alum Will Ferrell, truly scared USC football players and staff with their Halloween Hoax at the Oct. 30 practice.

A man fell from a tall camera tower as the doors to the practice field swung open and a masked super hero came running in with a body. Players were astonished when they thought they saw a man die, but he was instead miraculously saved by comedian Ferrell.

The festivities weren’t over yet though … suddenly a man on fire came running out from behind the goalposts. He was extinguished and just when the players thought they saw another death, Ferrell (dressed as “Captain Compete”) threw a Gatorade cooler at the obviously unharmed man.

Carroll and Ferrell’s Halloween gag tricked most of the guys and lightened up a day of hard practice for the then national-championship hopeful Trojans.

UCLA Undergrads Help Local High School Students Get Into College

UCLA students who are a part of the SHAPE mentoring program are working with promising underrepresented high school students to gear them up for college. Many of these students wouldn’t even dream of a higher education if it wasn’t for the help and encouragement of UCLA mentors who are opening doors for their futures.

Many of these students who are mentored are choosing Westwood as their college destination of choice. Eleven Inglewood High School students planned to enter UCLA this fall and this was in part due to the SHAPE mentoring program.

UCLA is already a relatively diverse school (less than 50 percent Caucasian), and this new program has allowed student diversity groups across campus to participate and show students at high schools they went to that they are welcome at an academically-challenging institution like UCLA.

Another tragedy strikes near the USC Campus

Freshman track star Bryshon Nellum was shot three times in the legs as he was exiting a fraternity-sponsored event at Leonardo’s Night Club on Vermont Ave. on Oct. 31. Authorities believe this event may be gang-related because someone in the car in which the shots were fired from yelled out “Brims” during the incident. The “Fruit Town Brims” is a local gang.