Ah, Christmas season! The time when we gather around with our friends and family and lament on how much we mean to each other and how thankful we are for having one another in our lives. Usually, this is done over traditional food like ham with all the fixings and a fragrant tree somewhere in the background.

And then there is … Festivus! ‘Tis the season to air your grievances during the holiday season.

If you’re looking for others who like a little bitter with their eggnog, Allen Salkin’s Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us takes us into the real world of Festivus. Originally created from a “Seinfeld” episode where Frank Costanza brought out an aluminum pole and the rules of observing the holiday (feats of strength and undertaking the airing of grievances), the holiday has taken a literal form throughout the country.

The book chronicles the journey of Salkin as he visits spots across the world and learns how to really celebrate the holiday. There are recipes like Ham with Junior Mint and Snapple Glaze, Don’t Make Me Punch You Punch along with a Festivus Fruitcake. You’ll be prepared for an office Festivus party should the need arise, and perhaps you can sing the songs of Festivus if there’s a keyboard around.

All in all, the readers who will enjoy this book the most are those of us who are avid “Seinfeld” watchers … otherwise I’m afraid the “joke” is lost.

Grade: B+

Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us is currently available.