If you’re thinking of studying abroad at some point during your college career, you’ll want to be well informed. No matter where you choose to go, you’ll want to be briefed on insider tips, safety concerns and of course, how to make the choice of program and fund it.

Instead of focusing on the must haves, Brian Scott Ary’s book is a self-centered guide to how to party your way through study abroad, irritate the natives, sleep with everything that moves and nightly drink yourself into a stupor. In fact, he doesn’t even mention the concept of studying abroad until 30 pages in, after relating how he wasted his previous college years partying.

Occasional valid tips are sprinkled throughout Ary’s otherwise sexist, arrogant and at times blatantly ignorant first-person account that reads more like his personal journal. If you’re going to Spain in particular, you might be able to glean some meaningful information from Ary’s book. Otherwise, check out Study Away: The Unauthorized Guide to College Abroad by Jennifer Shields and Mariah Balaban for the real tips you’ll need to make the most of your study abroad experience.

Grade: D+

Study Abroad Unauthorized is currently available.