Leyla is a young, British Indian woman working to become a writer. Tala is a London-based, Palestinian woman on the verge of getting married in an elaborate, traditional ceremony. The two meet, and there’s an undeniable attraction that derails any plans the pair thought they may have had.

A fun, romantic comedy, it’s also a bit predictable. It’s groundbreaking in that the lovers are both women, and it’s a big step ahead for showing a gay or lesbian romance in a mainstream style. Yet, it’s also a very small step ahead for that same reason.

The mainstream feature film formula is a little too trite for any romantic comedy these days. I would have loved to see some fresh spins and twists, especially from the very talented filmmaker Shamim Sarif. Knowing what she’s capable of makes this offering disappointing.

There are a few laughs. It just could have been better.

Grade: C+

I Can’t Think Straight releases in select theaters Nov. 21.