If you had told me when I was 15 that I’d be in a room with members of bands like Social Distortion and Agent Orange talking about karaoke, I would’ve lost my shit. But there I was at the Roxy doing just that (fully composed, I might add).

Punk Rock Karaoke is the brainchild of Bad Religion’s Greg Hetson and friend Fred Eric. They brainstormed the idea that made its debut on New Years Eve of 1996. It’s been a critical and fan success ever since.

The show itself is GENIUS. You take Derek O’Brien from Social D, Steve Soto from Agent Orange/Adolescents fame, Hetson and NOFX’s Eric Melvin and watch them back John and Suzie Q. Public as he or she sings the hits from punk’s heyday. Wrap your heads around THAT one, people.

The hardest punks and rockabilly kids this side of SoCal took the stage one-by-one and belted out the best jams of the genre. All it took was a signature next to their desired song and a shot of hooch for courage. Just one warning for future reference: this is NOT karaoke for the Avril Lavigne or Hot Topic set.