“Song of Extinction” is the story of Max (Will Faught), a high school student who is going to fail biology if he doesn’t complete a paper on extinction. Max gets no guidance from his biologist father, Ellery (Michael Shutt), who’s busy saving some obscure bug from extinction.

Max’s mother (Lori Yeghiayan) faces a different kind of extinction: death from cancer. Max’s biology teacher (Darrell Kunitomi) escaped extinction in his native Cambodia during the time of the Killing Fields.

Max is the central character, but Faught doesn’t have the stage skills to keep up with the character. Kunitomi steals the show.

I would have rather the story be told through Ellery’s viewpoint, as his journey to understanding is more complete than Max’s. The piece never relents emotionally and is greater than the sum of its parts, but the sentimentality should carry the play over its rough edges.

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