“Shock Therapy” is a delightful escape into the harried life of celebrity psychoanalyst Colin (Scott Paulin) and his family, as they “try” to enjoy their Labor Day celebration on Cape Cod without any distractions or commotion.

However, quite the opposite ensues: a distraught patient constantly calls Colin’s cell phone; his rebellious teen daughter plans a runaway with her boyfriend; a colleague (pill-pushing therapist) flirts with Colin’s wife, Becca (Lisa Robins); and a prominent psychology instructor pays a visit. This cast of zany characters is then taken hostage by a conniving ex-con who has a score to settle and his own agenda.

L.A. audiences, who themselves thrive on self-help novels and psychodramas such as Prozac Nation and “In Treatment,” will savor the antics of these so-called professionals in the psychology industry, each with their own dysfunctions and neuroses. The adage “Healer, heal thyself” rings true in this hilarious theatrical presentation.

The Lillian Theater is located at 1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood. For more information, visit plays411.net/shocktherapy.