Garrett, a teenager disheartened by the death of his mother, is inspired to go on a cross-country quest for the “beautiful truth” following a research assignment on a controversial book by Dr. Max Gerson, who may have found the cure for cancer 50 years ago.

Gerson asserted that with the proper diet, the body’s own immune system could fight cancer on its own. However, the constant barrage of toxins in the modern environment paired with poor western culinary habits has left our immune system overtaxed and unable to fend off these rogue cells.

The journey is both shocking and enlightening as the teen meets the Gerson family, numerous scientific supporters and cancer survivors (as well as folks with other chronic diseases) who, having been sent home to die, turned to the Gerson Institute when modern medicine failed. They were cured.

It’s difficult these days to find a person whose life hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way. Director/writer Steve Kroschel presents a compelling argument without sounding too radical or coming off as entirely grim. In fact, the film’s overall message is hopeful and inspiring.

While Dr. Gerson’s message may have been suppressed in his day, today an informed public is turning more and more to alternative therapies. This documentary is both timely and provocative.

Grade: A-

The Beautiful Truth releases in select theaters Nov. 26.