In this world of power chords and vocoder-driven pop pieces, Brooklyn-based indie folk rockers Proud Simon are a breath of fresh air. The guitar-driven sound evokes a real musicality that is lacking in much modern music.

In their new album, Night of Criminals, Proud Simon offers a wide assortment of well-crafted pieces with intriguing instrument choices and thoughtful lyrics. While some of the album may occasionally skew slightly towards Death Cab, it definitely offers a variety of unique, well-written songs.

The album begins with the ’90s college rock-style “Newspaper Boat,” then shifts to the piano and flute-heavy “Tar Washed Ashore.” Songs like “Everyone on the Train Could Use a Little Change” show off the band’s clever lyrics and catchy hooks, while “Tales As Tall” highlights the masterful use of harmony and dramatic tension and the bouncy, accordion-driven “Second-Hand Jackets” merges rock with a European café feel.

The one possible criticism of the album is that it is so varied and yet there is not much of a progression between songs. This lack of fluid movement may make this a more mp3-friendly album than a complete experience. Still, the album is very well crafted and worth several listens.

Grade: A-

Night of Criminals is currently available.