Country outlaw Hank Williams’ III fourth official release, Damn Right, Rebel Proud, makes clear righteous anger hasn’t left the building. III may not have the answers, but he’s enthusiastic about what boils his gizzard.

Williams’ callused honky tonk voice (He’s a dead ringer for his famous grandpa.) is perfect for his off-the-rail tales of hard drinking, harder living, and a laundry list of rancor. Opener “The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand)” nails country conservatives to the wall, while Merle Haggard doppelgangers “Wild & Free” and “Me & My Friends” offer libations and hell-raising as liberation.

Unfortunately, hillbilly punk piece “P.F.F.,” with the vivid chorus “punch, fight and fuck,” misplaces noted psychopath GG Allin as an undiluted rebel. At least Williams’ new century country isn’t watered down, and that’s the kind of change we need.

Grade: B

Damn Right, Rebel Proud is currently available.