For some people, classic video games are a matter of nostalgia. For others, they represent a passion that has developed as they grew older. For Blaine McGurty and Davis Jones of Retro Remix Revue, classic games are a source of art.

The name Retro Remix Revue may be a bit misleading as the fruits of this production team – with keyboards and arrangements by McGurty and engineering by Jones – sound more like jazz than remixes. The term “remix” in the video game music online community has come to mean any reinterpretations of classic game music, and the guys from Retro Remix Revue have been praised for their solid arrangements and high quality engineering.

Jones explains that the two of them have been proud fans of classic video games and their music, but many of the songs could not reach their full potential as they were produced with the limited musical resources that the hardware allowed. Jones says that the band hopes to deliver “video game music the way it was meant to sound.”

To this end, the duo has recruited various well-respected artists to help create their first album, Retro Remix Revue: Volume One. This album features a variety of songs performed with both electronic and traditional instruments including acoustic bass, violin, trumpet and tenor saxophone, turning these themes and background soundtracks into vibrant songs that are equally enjoyable, even if you do not know the source material.

Classic gaming fans will note, though, that Retro Remix Revue does not simply concentrate on the well-known pieces. Granted, gaming fans will all recognize pieces from “Super Mario World” and “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,” but many of their songs are more obscure pieces taken from all-but-forgotten games because of their unique musical sound and the fact that they were able to stand on their own as solid songs.

“We got what we felt was good music in games,” Jones explains, “not just what was popular.”

Of course, considering the fact that the Internet gave birth to the video game remix community, it is only fitting that fans of beautifully arranged, well-engineered performances of video game classics can find the band’s music online. Retro Remix Revue: Volume One is currently available in digital format on and iTunes, and the band has said that a physical CD will be available around December.

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