Paying homage to its title, A Good Day to be Black & Sexy spends most of its screen time in the bedrooms of its actors telling themed, interconnected stories over a single day in Los Angeles. The segments bear titles like “Reciprocity,” “Reprise,” “American Boyfriend,” “Her Man” and “Tonight,” yet it’s a daring, pointless and rather confusing depiction of intimacy in black relationships.

Directed by Dennis Dortch (Honey), it weaves six tales of troubled relationships where the issues range from jealousy and fidelity to the challenges presented by interracial relationships. Despite a decent cast, which includes Emily Liu (“Boston Legal”), Allen Maldonado (“The Shield”) and Kareem J. Grimes (Jarhead), it’s extremely slow and a rather tedious watch.

Grade: C

A Good Day to be Black & Sexy releases in select theaters Dec. 5.