“Dear Vodka, It’s me the Freshman 15…”

Your first year of college is exciting, new and … fattening? I pray not! Well, along with all the important life decisions that are being made in college such as “What kind of person do I want to be?” “What career path should I choose?” “Who are my real friends?” one of the most important is “What am I going to look like over the next four years?”

Enter cue for the dreaded Freshman 15. Weight has always been a big issue with me, and I’ve never been a stick skinny girl, but I was pretty healthy in college, up until the late night Domino’s pizza and party antics kicked in.

It is easy to let yourself go in college with the bigger portions available and less healthy food conveniently lying around. When it is 1 a.m. and you’re just starving, pizzas are more likely to meet you at the door than salads.

I know you fellow college students are currently sitting at your desk cramming endless PowerPoint slides, flashcards and diagrams into your head in preparation for dreaded finals week. Yet, as finals come around people let their guard down and junk food in. Therefore, in honor of my infamous and mortal enemy, here are my top five tips to avoid the Freshman 15. I definitely need to start following my genius advice!

1) Avoid sugary drinks like soda and juice.

Eat your calories, don’t drink them! Sugary drinks are just empty calories that you won’t even notice ’til you’re trying to zip on your jeans. Instead, opt for water or diet soda and indulge in a glass of orange juice every once in a while.

2) Get some sleep!

If you’re sleeping more, that’s less hours of eating and more hours of rejuvenation. You feel me?

3) Limit alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol has calories too and drinking too much usually makes you hungry and then the food binging begins. P.S. Drinking ’til you’re puking might help you avoid gaining weight, but it is just as unhealthy as it is unlady like!

4) Workout religiously.

Go to the gym and stare at the hotties, but at the same time focus on increasing your incline on the treadmill or your speed on the ellipticals! Personally, I hate the gym and prefer the great outdoors, but whatever you do, find a workout buddy and get sweaty together! (Now I feel very creepy for writing that last part.)

5) Avoid eating late and junk food.

Pulling all-nighters for that huge midterm or coming back from a crazy party all lead to hunger pangs. Therefore, my best suggestion is at least if you’re going to binge, eat healthy! So instead of having Domino’s on speed dial, always have healthy snacks and water around.