In an entirely sung, 90-minute theater piece, the first thing to ask is: “How’s the music?” Written by Anna Waronker Charlotte Caffey (the Go-Go’s) the music is filled with guitar-hero, decibel-rich crescendos, which the vocalists manage to top.

The story of porn star Linda Lovelace is told in 40 rock vocal numbers, filled with anger and grief. Katrina Link is terrific as the persecuted Linda, showing shades of Lovelace one would never have expected.

Doing most of the persecuting is rich-voiced Jimmy Swan, as cruel husband Chuck Traynor. Josh Greene does a great turn as fellow porn star Harry Reams, delivering the most humorous piece of the evening, “Let’s Fuck.”

“Lovelace” is visually stunning – the costumes are sexy, and the clever set allows for smooth transition from number to number. This rock opera should enjoy good audience numbers as word of mouth spreads.

The Hayworth Theatre is located at 2509 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. For more information, visit