For decades, the Rubik’s Cube has been entertaining and simultaneously infuriating children and adults alike. While the cube itself has gone through several alterations to meet the challenges of increasingly freakishly intelligent people who get bored with just 54 squares, it has now exploded into tiny colorful cubes and formed its own puzzle game on the Nintendo DS and the Wii.

In “Rubik’s World,” players are challenged with various puzzles that all center around these little cubes. Puzzles on the Wii have a bit more of a physics-based approach, offering challenges like launching cubes to knock down structures and pushing large masses of blocks out of the way of moving walls, while the DS incarnation is more rigidly logic-based. Both games also allow you to create the world by organizing cubes into simple pictures and teaching cubes songs a la “Mario Paint.”

Granted, as a small collection of mini-games, it may not keep your interest as long as a shooter or an RPG, but the puzzles are fun, addictive distractions. Couple that with the fact that, yes, you can play with a virtual Rubik’s Cube, and “Rubik’s World” becomes a fun distraction if you can find it for under $30.

Grade: B

“Rubik’s World” is currently available.