What is art? The age-old question has been plaguing the world for years.

Some say it’s what you find in a museum. Others define it by passion and thought. But what about graffiti?

If you live in any real town you see it all over the place. Usually gang signs litter the concrete, but in between the cracks you can find the art.

Stories are being told on the sides of buildings that no longer bring life to the streets that they once dominated. The overpasses and train cars are showing us more about our world than we ever knew.

But for a limited time, one of the pioneers of the graffiti world will be putting his art on display, not in the streets, but in Track 16 gallery.


With a career spanning over 20 years, this artist started out in NYC, but is best known for bringing this raw East Coast style of art to the West Coast. Launching the graffiti scene in Los Angeles, he is looked up to by thousands and hated by city officials everywhere.

It’s his art that inspires the youth to break away from the standard confines of a pen and paintbrush on paper and gives them hope of something bigger … much, much bigger. From freeway overpasses to the train cars downtown, the rest of the world can see his influence as the trains come and go.

“I always wanted to take things a step further. It’s my competitiveness that drives me,” he says.

And with that, he has given us some of the most amazing glimpses into a culture that most take for granted. So, take some time and check out the rare gallery appearance by one of the world’s most underrated artists of our time.

Track 16 is located at 2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg C-1, Santa Monica. For more information, visit track16.com.