As a fan of the series, I must admit that I preferred the stand-alone “monster” episodes to the alien/government conspiracy mythology episodes. (It’s usually the other way around.) So I was excited when I heard the second theatrical release was a stand-alone episode, then disheartened when the negative reviews came pouring in.

I find myself in the middle – a “bad” “X-Files” episode, to me, was better than most “good” episodes of most other TV shows; to me, the film is like a mediocre episode stretched to feature length.

For fans of the series, it keeps the dialogue open of having two people with two opposing ideologies trying to find the answer to a seemingly insolvable question. And it was good having Mulder and Scully back – like eating your favorite home-cooked meal from your mother, who lives thousands of miles away. “The X-Files” was like comfort food to me, nothing too exciting or flashy, but satisfying, nonetheless.

Grade: B-

The X-Files: I Want to Believe is currently available.