You would think Will Ferrell and the rest of the Frat Pack’s arrested development brand of slacker humor would have by now outstayed its welcome, but when it’s done right viewers are helpless to resist its powers.

Ferrell reunites with Anchorman director Adam McKay and John C. Reilly for this tale of two grown men still living at home whose single parents get married. It’s basically just an excuse for the two actors to indulge in adolescent behavior and throw tantrums – but nobody quite does that like Ferrell and Reilly.

The act wears a little thin, but there are consistently solid laughs throughout. While it doesn’t have the balanced ensemble of Anchorman, it is competently orchestrated enough to give Ferrell and Reilly free reign – unlike recent Ferrell misfires like Semi-Pro.

Grade: A-

Step Brothers is currently available.