"Welcome to the Blues."

Dedicated to the musicians of New Orleans, this musical noir takes the audience to a time when in every corner of the city Blues music rose to the heavens and showgirls added spice to the night.

Narrated by Prince Royale (Toledo Diamond), Dark Streets tells the story of the playboy and heir to Consolidated Power Co., Chaz Davenport (Gabriel Mann), who, blessed with good fortune and humor, has opened the Tower, the town’s newest and hottest nightclub. Life could not get any better, except it gets worse.

Enter a femme fatale, and Chaz, who is plagued by mysterious blackouts throughout the city and the sudden suicide of his father, is entangled in a love triangle. Next add loan sharks.

To get away from all the madness and darkness, Chaz and his new love leave town and go to his childhood cabin, only to return and find his world turned upside down.

The sinister air of the movie is lightened up by the soulful combination of Blues, jazz and R&B music from artists such as Etta James, Dr. John, B.B. King and Richie Sambora. Bijou Philips, Izabella Miko and Elias Koteas star.

Grade: B-

Dark Streets releases in select theaters Dec. 12.