Goldfinger initially made its name by touring incessantly, ladling out a buffet of savory ska music. But for the past five years or so, the band has sought to distance itself from that era, edging ever closer to mainstream punk.

The effort to be radio-ready, spearheaded by singer John Feldmann, has succeeded but has also resulted in Disconnection Notice being filled with overly slick tunes that sound just like everybody else working in the genre. That could have something to do with Feldmann’s ubiquity; he has been a producer for Good Charlotte, Mest, The Used, No Motiv and Story of the Year.

But the struggle for their own identity does render a few good songs, among them the disc’s rocking opener, "My Everything." The paranoid reading of "FBI" is interesting and one of only a few songs here that utilize the ska beat. The bubble-gummy "Iron Fist" percolates nicely and draws from a well of uniqueness that Goldfinger needs to tap more often.

Grade: B-

Disconnection Notice is currently available.