Matter and Light, the third record in five years from a group that’s been running in one form or another the last thirteen, is for fans of Bill Callahan’s Texan murmur and possessors of a “ho hum, such is life” outlook.

The album consistently hovers between dullness and sweet, old-fashioned calm. “It’s All the Same” plays like a poor man’s “Everyday People” but the instrumental cover of Elliott Smith’s “Say Yes” is quite nice, with banjo playing the (formerly vocal) melody and a bit of mariachi-style trumpet stealing a few lines. “Coyote” isn’t unlike a nursery rhyme that marches steadily forward, and “The Testicle Song” drips and drops like light rainfall that’s too tired to pour – not quite the image to associate with ze testicle per se, but folky and sweet, like a Texan ballad ought to be.

Grade: B

Matter and Light is currently available.