As I tried to find a spot to stand in amidst the packed crowd, a tall, lanky guy donning a suit followed by a statuesque brunette decked out in a pink frilly dress made their way past me to the backstage area. There wasn’t a minute to waste for Lawyer Dave and Holly Golightly to start the show; they didn’t even have time for a sound check because they’d been sitting in traffic on the I-5 trying to get to the club.

As Dave – the only standing member of the Brokeoffs – got down to business with his slide guitar and foot pedaling a bass drum, Golightly grabbed her guitar and began a set full of numbers from the recently released Dirt Don’t Hurt as well as 2007’s You Can’t Buy a Gun When You’re Crying. In between songs, the duo shared tales of Jagermeister (“Medicine Water”), Salt Lake City clamoring for “Jesus Don’t Love Me” and “Getting High for Jesus” (wink, wink) and spending Thanksgiving at a casino while losing money on roulette.