Fans of old school rap music probably have distant memories of the 3rd Bass classic "Gas Face," which featured a young MC named Zev Love X.

Later, he went on to form KMD and scored with a hit record in the early ’90s, then – like most crushing MCs of his time – he disappeared.

Zev Love X has resurfaced in the past few years as an underground hip-hop mastermind with as many aliases as the late Old Dirty Bastard. The one that people want to hear most lives behind an iron-sculpted metal mask and goes by the name MF Doom.

Doom’s first record, Operation Doomsday, is considered an underground masterpiece. His latest, Mm.. Food is a unique smattering of Prince Paul-like samples and skits mixed with Doom’s unique vocalization and rhyme technique. As dope as it is, it fails to live up to his first record.

Doom is a punchline MC, and the songs on this record reflect his witty style. ("Keep a cooker where the jar fell / And keep a cheap hooker that’s off the hook like Ma Bell). The beats on this record are so colorful and infectious, Doom can burp on wax and make it sound like a classic.

Questionable, though, is the overabundance of skits and samples – heavily placed in nearly every song and at one point, talking over the entire middle of the album. It makes me appreciate the programming, but sincerely ask where the vocals are.

MF Doom has the skill, he just seemed afraid to use it. When you skip around the record you’ll find your new favorites but you won’t be enjoying the overall continuity. Still, compared to the utter disgust heard on modern hip-hop radio today, Mm .. Food sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Grade: B

Mm.. Food is currently available