It’s not the kind of chocolate that comes in a shiny silver wrapper placed in a cute little box. No, it’s not that kind. It is the two-legged kind.

If You Like Chocolate Eat Chocolate is a new book by celebrity hairstylist-turned-relationship coach, Anthony Miner. Miner, who has used his talents on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, “Heroes,” Domino and Charlie’s Angels, believes that women’s problems stem from the fact that they have not learned how to manage their relationships.

Intrigued by human behavior and armed with years of listening to women vent about their problems, he set out to write the book of chocolate. Comparing various relationship types with chocolate, Miner provides women with tips on how to make their chocolate last longer and not melt away.

So, next time you need help with your relationships or simply need someone to listen to you, go straight to your hairdresser. You come out looking and feeling beautiful. And let’s face it, it’s cheaper than therapy. At least until the stylists catch on and start charging therapists’ fees.

Grade: C

If You Like Chocolate Eat Chocolate is currently available.