The day has finally come … college football fans have anxiously awaited all fall to find out who would finish the season on top, and the BCS has decided.

The curse of the No. 1 team has fallen upon the once undefeated Alabama. The SEC championship game was a close call, but by the fourth quarter Tim Tebow proved that he and his Florida Gators deserved to play for the national title.

Facing the powerhouse Gators will be the well-deserving Oklahoma Sooners. In the Big 12 championship game, Oklahoma’s offense put up 62 points against Missouri, moving them to No. 1.

After dominating the past two months of football, the Gators and Sooners were the easy picks despite having one loss each. The two Heisman candidate quarterbacks, Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Florida’s Tebow, and their 12-1 teams will meet Jan. 8 in Miami. The only people who might disagree with the BCS’ decision to pair college football’s two arguably strongest offenses would be anyone from Texas.

The Longhorns finished out their season two weeks ago and ended as No. 3. The Longhorns will face No. 10, the Ohio State Buckeyes, in the Fiesta Bowl Jan. 5.

No. 5 USC destroyed UCLA and punched their ticket to the Rose Bowl. Pete Carroll pulled off his seventh straight 11-win season, and his powerful team will face the Big 10 champion Penn State in their fourth straight Rose Bowl appearance.

No. 19 Virginia Tech defeated Boston College 30-12 to win the ACC. Big East champion and No. 12 Cincinnati snuck past Hawaii with a 29-24 win. The Hokies will face Cincinnati in the FedEx Orange Bowl.

Despite Alabama’s loss to Florida, they will still get the opportunity to play in one of the five BCS bowl games. After dropping to No. 4, the Crimson Tide will face the undefeated Utah Utes in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

So did the BCS get it right? Did they pit the correct two top teams to face each other in Miami? In a few weeks we will find out who truly deserves to be the No. 1 team in the country.