For years, people have been following what radio and TV have told them is “hot” or “groundbreaking.” But with little substance behind the hype, it fades away.

Now with the Internet being the main source for music and radio’s rapid decline, we have a choice again. And with that, I’d like to present the Yelling.

This L.A.-based quartet is a mix of straightforward rock ’n’ roll rooted in blues and good songwriting. They sound like Led Zeppelin crashed a Who recording session being produced by Iron Butterfly.

“We get compared to Zeppelin, and that’s amazing. They are one of the best bands ever,” smiles drummer Michael Judd.

And he’s right; they really do capture the enduring sound of a band that changed the face of music. But where do they go from there? This band has evolved the lo-fi rock that the Hives and the (International) Noise Conspiracy have laid out. The once peppy songs that the public clamored for have turned raw and ugly. The music is dirty, tough and simple.

“The music isn’t forced. We want that raw sound, the freedom to let the music happen,” comments guitarist Robert Davis.

It’s clear that this band is letting the music move them, which in turn moves the crowd. They have something music has needed for a while: aggressive songs with great songwriting.

The lyrics are born out of the mind of Nathaniel Cox, singer and occasional guitarist for the band who says, “We have slow stuff too that’s mellow and allows us to have a more organic sound. The range is important to us.”

Their song, “Burning for What” is a primary example of the band’s ability to slow things down but still preserve their raw intensity found on heart-pounding tracks like “Blood on the Steps” and “Fire and a Microphone.”

But despite all the reviews and comparison of the band, the only way to truly understand the power of the Yelling is to see them live. The energy rushes off the stage, gripping your gut and pulls you to the floor. Banging your head to the beat, it’s hard to not be drawn into the world that this band creates for their 45-minute set.

It’s like the soul of classic rock invaded their bodies and got really pissed off.

The Yelling will perform Dec. 18 at the Three of Clubs, Hollywood. For more information, visit